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Top 5 Android Games to Spend your Quarantine Time at home

As the world fought against the threat of corona virus covid-19 it’s wise choice for us to stay at home to reduce the spread of the virus. one of the best thing to spend your quarantine time at home is by playing online games! we think you’ll agree with us. Ok since we’re rebooting this blog into a gaming topic so we’ll give you list of the top 5 Android Games you can play when you stuck at home right now. let’s start with our list.

Super Mario Run

The first Android casual game comes in mind is Super Mario Run from the Mario Bros franchise, it’s a legendary nintendo icon.

The focus of this game is you have to control mario to avoid the enemy. The gameplay is also really simple and addicted so it is suitable to be used as entertainment in the midst of a corona virus pandemic.

This lightweight game is also suitable to be played by those who don’t want to bother thinking about strategies for a rousing victory. Instead of just curious just download the game via the link below.

Download Super Mario Run


Rating: Rated for 3+
Game Size: Varies with device
Minimum Android: 4.4 and higher

Marvel Contest of Champion

If you are a Marvel fan, then you are going to love this game. It consists of a plethora of characters related to the marvel universes, multiverses, and different time zones. It can serve as one of the best android games at the time of social distancing.

The Android game has Old Man Logan, Wolverine, Thor, Thor Ragnarok version, Stark Upgraded Spiderman, Thanos, Dormamu, amazing Spiderman, and many more to name a few characters.

Download Marvel Contest of Champion

Asphalt 9

This is the most addicted racing game on android so far, For a long time, Asphalt has been acclaimed as one of the best car racing games. It went from a normal low graphic phone game to a high-graphic motion control android game. Its Android version features all the super-speed machines, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW motors, Porsche, and all other big cars.

However if you play it on a budget phone you should avoid this game since the game likely won’t run smoothly.

Download Asphalt 9


Woohoo We Got Chicken Dinner Everyday! Yeah this is our favorite mobile games at this time, you can play this game with your friends and survive till the end and became a winner. In the battle royale mode of the game, 100 players can participate at a time in the game, and the player who survives till the end wins the game.

New elements, weapons, characters, and skins are added to the game with every update. In addition to the battle royale mode, players can also go for other modes such as Duos, where you are paired with another individual or Team Deathmatch, where the first team to reach a maximum number of kills wins.

Bear in mind that PUBG Mobile is a massive game and requires ample space and RAM to run smoothly. However, players can enjoy the battle royale game in their low-end devices by lowering the graphics or installing PUBG Mobile Lite.

Download PUBG

Call of Duty Mobile

Here’s another great choice if you love PUBG games you must love this games too, Call of Duty Mobile consists of different modes, out of which the most played one is the 5vs5 mode. In the mentioned mode, two teams of five players fight against each other, and the team that reaches 50 kills earlier, wins the game.

Download Call of Duty Mobile

Ok so do you agree with our list? there’s still so many great games out there which is worth to play when we’re stuck at home due to corona virus, stay tune on our site for more interesting gaming news

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